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Hatstand to the Rescue.

Those of you that know me, either personally, on social media or through this blog, will know that I have the honour and pleasure of playing guitar in the Hatstand Band. Since moving to Hereford the distance between us means that I don’t play as often as I’d like to; luckily, the guys know other musicians that stand in for me and fulfil a very busy working schedule.

Hatstand are a great band! They offer a unique repertoire of songs played at a very accomplished level and, more importantly, are very entertaining – oh, and they don’t have drums, which means you can hear yourself over the music without having to shout.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, as the light of the day lengthens and the cold humours of Winter’s neglect start to subside, I find myself itching to raise money for ETHOS. Over the winter period we have managed to:

1. Purchase 16 new mattresses for the Colchester Rough Sleepers

2. Pay for 10 places through Crisis for the Christmas festivities.

3. Donate some much needed cash to BOSH -

and, thankfully, still have a reasonable amount of funds in the charity’s bank account to donate more very soon.*

Anyway, let’s pull this blog together to resemble a single stream of consciousness; Hatstand have very kindly offered to help us raise money and in a very interesting way. May the 10th sees us playing at the Treehouse Bookshop in Kenilworth alongside a collection of very fine poets. This is an amazing venue (its patron is no other than Warren Ellis of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Grinderman, etc.) and is one of a dying breed of venues instrumental in keeping the arts alive in Warwickshire. We’re charging £5.00 on the door and everyone will receive a copy of our latest C.D. All funds will go to ETHOS! I really am grateful, both to the band and the venue for helping us and showing support for what is a very worthy cause. I’ll let you know how we get on.

*If you feel strongly about a charity or cause that could benefit from a donation from ETHOS, please contact us via the website: Likewise, if you would like to raise money or make a donation we are always grateful and willing to support you in your endeavours.

All the best, Rene. X

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