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It's Been a While..........

I’m back! Apologies to the miniscule amount of readers I have accumulated over the lifetime of this blog; I have plenty of excuses for not being in touch for such a long time! ETHOS has started to take root and, for Christmas, we managed to make some very worthwhile donations helping out some very needy causes. Since then, we’ve had a great website, by one of our trustees and are now looking at how we should best launch our first fundraising events. We have several ideas materialising and can’t wait until the world wakes from the torpidity of winter, Brexit, and whatever else keeps us away from the pleasures of life to launch ourselves upon the unsuspecting public. Watch this space and I’ll keep you updated. On a personal level, life in Hereford is fantastic and I’m filled with inspiration – life is good and I intend to pass some of this feeling on to the less fortunate in the very near future. If any of you have some great ideas as to how we can raise funds and awareness for ETHOS please, don’t be shy and let us know. My blogging intentions have changed. I’ve decided to write little and often in the hope that more people will find time to read it. Love to you all, speak soon, Rene.

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